Arts Funding

Description of the Indicator
This Indicator provides information on statewide and county-specific arts funding.

Why is it important?
Funding for the arts is vital to local growth as it allows for culture and history to be preserved and provides new artistic and cultural opportunities to be explored and enacted. Cities with well-endorsed arts programs often attract tourists, students, and other visitors. Arts programs can bolster and beautify local communities.

How is the region performing?
The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) distributed two grants to Northeast Pennsylvania in 2022 – in Lackawanna and Wayne Counties. The region also received two grants in 2021. Statewide, NEA funding most recently stood at $9.9 million across 161 grants.

The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts distributed 79 grants to Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Wayne Counties in 2021-2022. The total amount is higher than in the prior period. The total grant appropriation statewide has increased to $10,457,000.