Farmland Preservation

Description of the Indicator
This indicator describes state and county funding for the preservation of farmlands across Pennsylvania.

Why is it important?
Agricultural lands provide several resources such as produce, grain, and animal products. A strong agricultural presence is good for both local and state economies, as both local markets and export markets benefit from products produced.

What does it mean or how is the region performing?
There is a consistent stream of funding of state and county funds distributed to Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Wayne Counties by the Bureau of Farmland Preservation in recent years, with the amount of funds distributed to all three counties in 2021 increased from their 2020 totals. In 2022, both Luzerne and Wayne County saw another increase in funding, while Lackawanna received a slightly lesser amount. Luzerne County received an 11 percent increase in its funding (though it has the highest total amount of all three counties). Lackawanna and Wayne County received a less than a one percent change (negative and positive, respectively) in their funding for farmland preservation.