Historic Preservation

Description of the Indicator
This indicator describes the number of historic landmarks the state and the tri-county area have, as well as the amount of district and above ground resources available. Several types of resources relate to historic preservation. Historical markers are present at locations to tell stories of notable people, places, events, and innovations. Above-ground resources include buildings, structures, or sites of historic significance. District resources can include larger areas of significance such as downtowns, neighborhoods, farms, industrial areas, and landscapes.

Why is it important?
The preservation of historic landmarks allows for a region to protect its natural history, supplement educational and cultural institutions, and increase local tourism.

How is the region performing?
There are currently 122 historical markers in Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Wayne Counties. This total comprises almost five percent of all historical markers located in the Commonwealth. The three-county region also has a combined total of 7,555 above-ground resources – holding a notable percentage of the statewide total of these historic buildings or sites. Finally, the three-county region has 205 district resources, which comprise about five percent of the state’s total of these larger areas of historical significance.