Library Registration and Circulation

Description of the Indicator
This indicator measures the number of libraries, the registration, and subsequent circulation of materials that county libraries provide to their communities.

Why is it important?
Data on libraries is important to know as they provide vital resources to many disenfranchised members of our communities. Not only do libraries have access to books and resource materials, but also to music, foreign language resources and educational programming. They have become a trusted community resource providing a variety of resources to community members.

What does it mean or how is the region performing?
It appears that the number of libraries is stable in each of the counties. Prior to COVID, library registrations and circulation had been declining, but appear to be on an upward trajectory. Despite registration decreasing, circulation increased in Luzerne County indicating that the registered users were engaged in the system. Lackawanna County’s systems saw major increases as much of its programming and services evolved through COVID.