Nonprofit Organizations by Activity Type

Description of the Indicator
This indicator provides information on the type or subject matter of non-profit organizations in the region. These types can be arts & culture, health, or social service related organizations.

Why is it important?
These non-profit organizations are formed for the purpose of serving a public or mutual benefit other than the pursuit or accumulation of profits for owners and investors. They provide a mechanism for promoting initiatives for the public good. Organizations meeting a variety of needs create a more stable environment for individuals and families needing different types of supports.

What does it mean or how is the region performing?
The following tables show nonprofits categorized by major activity types. Arts organizations represent the most nonprofits in Lackawanna, while religion ranks first in both Luzerne and Wayne counties. The number of nonprofits by activity type has declined over time. This is not necessarily a negative sign as organizations tend to focus on issues, then dissolve if solved or to reduce duplication of efforts. Nonetheless, the region has a robust nonprofit community.