School Assessment

Description of Indicator
This indicator shows the achievement in sections of the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) and Keystone exams for each school district. The sections in the PSSA include Math and Reading, and the sections Keystone exams include Algebra, Literature, and Biology.

Why is it important?
This indicator is important because it provides the growth index of student performance on the PSSAs and Keystone exams. Schools will address subjects that need improvement to better the education of their students.

How is the region performing?
PVAAS measure the change or growth of student performance. Some growth can be seen in most subjects in the grades measured in all counties. Lackawanna County saw a small decline in 11th grade algebra and Lackawanna and Wayne Counties have shown decreases in grades 4-8 math and reading. There are some improvements noted over 2022 data, and individual district scores do not correlate with the district’s socioeconomic status.