Sales Tax Remittance

Description of the Indicator
The sales tax indicator depicts the changes in sales tax remittance across Lackawanna, Luzerne, Wayne counties, and Pennsylvania.

Why is it important?
In Pennsylvania, sales tax is levied on the sale of tangible goods and some services. The tax is collected by the seller and remitted to state tax authorities. The seller acts as a de facto tax collector. The Pennsylvania sales tax rate is six percent. Sales tax helps to generate revenue for the government, which can be utilized to fund a variety of projects and initiatives.

How is the region performing?
In the 2022–2023-year, Luzerne County collected the greatest share of sales tax remittance, at $190,500,000, followed by Lackawanna County ($88,500,000), and Wayne County ($22,300,000). Statewide, Pennsylvania collected $13,335,000,000 in sales tax remittance. Sales Tax remittance has trended upward in all three counties despite a decrease in the Commonwealth as a whole from 2022 to 2023.