Description of Indicator
The total number of hospitals and the daily private room rate in each of the three counties were indicated for general, specialty, and federal hospitals. This indicator also addresses the number of hospital beds and licensed beds per 1,000 residents in general acute care hospitals. The total number of emergency room (ER) visits and the ER inpatient admission rate in general acute care hospitals have also been identified.

Why is it important?
Hospitals play a significant role in maintaining health and wellness within communities. Providing quality medical services that are affordable and easily accessible to community members of different backgrounds is critical. Emergency departments have a valuable role in hospital systems in quickly preventing illnesses and diseases of patients.

How is the region performing?
Private daily room rates increased in all three counties from 2021 to 2022. The number of general hospital beds in proportion to the population has been relatively consistent, with slightly more beds within Lackawanna County. Although the number of emergency room visits declined over the years analyzed, visits increased in 2022, compared to the prior year in Luzerne and Wayne Counties. The rate of ER inpatient admissions decreased after the COVID-19 pandemic for Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties.