Homes by Year Built

Description of Indicator
This Indicator shows the distribution of homes built according to their construction years.

Why is it important?
Recognizing the supply of homes built by year, within the region and statewide, informs urban planning, assessment of housing demand, and plans for new infrastructure.

How is the region performing?
From 1940 to 2019, Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties generally saw declines of new homes built. This is the case for the three-county region as well as the Commonwealth. Of the 99,900 housing units within Lackawanna County, only 180 (0.2 percent) were built after 2020 and 3,837 (3.8 percent) were built after 2010. Within Luzerne County, 190 homes (0.1 percent) were built after 2020 and 3,510 (2.3 percent) were built after 2010. Wayne County’s decrease in the number of new homes is most noticeable in the years after 1990. The share of new homes dropped by 16.2 percent from 1990 to 2019. There were 68 (0.2 percent) new homes built after 2020 and 1,382 (4.3 percent) new homes built since 2010.