Home Heating Fuels

Description of the Indicator
This indicator examines the type of home heating fuel used by residents.

Why is it important?
This indicator provides insights into the energy demands of the three-county region as well as the Commonwealth. This data can assist in evaluating changing energy trends across the time span studied and correlates to the age of the housing stock.

How is the region doing?
Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties (and the Commonwealth) reported that 50 or more percent of the occupied housing units in 2022 used utility gas to heat their home, and 16.7-18.1 percent used electricity. These are the greatest shares for fuel options. Over 800 homes in the region have no fuel to heat their homes.

Wayne County, unlike the other two counties in the region, the greatest shares of fuel options for occupied housing units in 2022 is comprised of electricity and fuel oil, kerosene, etc., at 24.7 and 31.1 percent, respectively, while only 9.7 percent use utility gas. The County has 0.4 percent (78.9 units) that had no fuel options for 2022, a 0.3 percent increase from 2010.