Description of the Indicator
The Migration indicator details how many individuals flow in and out of each U.S. county. It could also be reported on an individual basis of citizenship by U.S. or foreign-born individuals, with both domestic and foreign-born categories for migration.

Why is it important?
Migration is important because it contributes to the region’s and state’s population trends. It informs planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of policies and the allocation of resources to generate economic and social benefits.

How is the region performing?
Over the past decade, Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties both had a negative net migration of 4,775 and 73, respectively. In 2020-2021, however, Luzerne County had a positive net inflow of 1,928, which is more than the double net gain of the prior year. Overall, Luzerne County had a positive net gain of 1,301 during the period of 2011-2021. Each year over the past five years, Wayne County had a positive net inflow that totals 2,258.