Children Living in Poverty

Description of Indicator
The percentage of children living below the poverty level is another social services indicator. The childhood poverty rate is shown for residents under 18 years old.

Why is it important?
Measuring the poverty status of children is vital in determining populations living in low-income areas and how to improve opportunities as they grow and develop. Children who live below the federal poverty level become involved in the cycle of poverty, leading to financial barriers in the future. Different issues like food insecurity, education, employment, healthcare, and housing are more prevalent when children live in poverty.

How is the region performing?
Luzerne County had a higher proportion of children under the age of 18 living below the poverty level compared to the other three geographies analyzed. After 2020, the percentage of children under 18 living below the poverty level in Wayne County had a steady increase. Lackawanna County saw a decrease in the most recent period. However nearly 1:5 children are living in poverty in Lackawanna County and 1:4 in Luzerne County.