Programs for Seniors (Population 65 or Older)

Description of Indicator
This indicator determines the resident population who are 65 years or older. Additionally, it documents the number of active senior centers in the three counties and senior centers per 10,000 residents aged 65 years or older.

Why is it important?
Senior programming options are a valuable part of the community when residents have living preferences other than those of nursing homes or long-term care facilities. A majority of the region comprises seniors; therefore, social engagement and stimulating activities are beneficial for this age group. The health of seniors will also improve with community-wide senior programs.

How is the region performing?
Approximately 20 percent of the population in Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties are aged 65 or older. A slightly higher proportion of residents living in Wayne County are 65 years or older. Since 2010, the percentage of seniors 65 years or older in three counties and the Commonwealth trended upwards. In 2022, there were 25 active adult centers in the three-county region. Wayne County has slightly more senior centers on a per-1000 residents, followed by Luzerne County.